Embrace Yourself

We all struggle with this notion of fitting in. When others dislike us, we think it’s a reflection of who we are when it’s actually a reflection of the other person. It’s an endless cycle of feeling insignificant, feeling loved, feeling confused. I still have a long way to go, but something I’ve learned is no matter what you do or say, someone is going to hate you. Hate the way you live your life, hate who you are, whatever.

So do what you want. Love whoever you want. Wear whatever you want. Be whoever you want. I strongly believe there is a reason for everything, and there is a reason you are who you are. This world is in desperate need of people who aren’t afraid to be their weird, crazy selves.

The more I embrace who I am, the more everything falls into place. And also the more people I lose in my life…but it’s all just a part of the journey.

I believe style is a strong way to showcase and express who you are, and I think this outfit best describes me. Also, leather leggings are the new pumpkin spice latte (I LOVE THEM).


|| Photography: Brandon Dougherty, brandondougherty.com ||

My whole outfit is in dedication to Inspyre Boutique. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to embrace my true self ❤

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