Spring a ding ding

Officially spring has not sprung, but the beautiful weather has and I couldn’t be happier. Spring has this way of making me feel like everything’s going to be alright, that everything terrible will fade away. It reeks of new beginnings and happiness (spring, you beautiful bastard). Somehow the seasons always correlate with my life, or maybe it’s just my awareness of cliche circumstances.

I’m obsessed with spring/summer outfits because there aren’t 20 million layers- simple and airy. Just a couple of my favorites are below.FullSizeRender

I can just picture myself with these overalls in my pretend garden after just checking out the local farmer’s market while being barefoot somehow. Reminds me of how simple and fun my childhood was. You can shop this whole outfit at H&M.



Strings and everything ties are in this season. So basically throw a bunch of shoe strings on your outfit and you’re good to go. JK, but seriously this outfit is effortless and so comfortable I could sleep in it! This adorable top is from Urban Outfitters and the shorts are from Forever 21.

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