Weak + Strong = Strong


The saying “I am my own worst enemy” is I think true for most humans. We beat ourselves down with our thoughts and think everyone else is judging every step we take. In reality no one cares because we each live in our own separate universe inside our head.

Going off this, I had an epiphany the other day. I always judge myself and am so critical of everything I say/do. I’m completely aware of my flaws and every day is a struggle between do I hate myself today or do I love myself today. Will I say something stupid today? Will I be annoying to others? Will I ever learn to not love the sound of my own voice?

I looked in the mirror for the first time and realized that my flaws, my “weaker half” is what creates this beautiful, confident “stronger half.”I wouldn’t be where I am today without every flaw of mine, every mistake I’ve made, every stupid thing I’ve said…I’m learning to embrace this weaker side of myself and I’m starting to become this whole giant beautiful mess of a person.

Flaws are amazing and beautiful and what connect us to each other. They’re what make each of us 100% unique from one another. Math was never my strong point so I’m about to defy the laws of the world by saying weak + strong = strong. Remember that the next time you try to break yourself down. Also screw math.


|| Photography: Brandon Dougherty, brandondougherty.com ||

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