Good Vibes

I think one of the main reasons I love fashion so much is because it’s a way to express temporary emotions and dynamic personalities. It provides a creative realm where anyone at any time passing by can get a glimpse into who you are and/or what you’re feeling.

This outfit pretty much describes my emotions the past month. So much stress, so much confusion and so much insanely amazing positive vibes. Something I’ve learned is that life is going to throw curveballs constantly, possibly every day. But what’s the point of living if you can’t learn to laugh at yourself?

I mean just the other day I literally couldn’t stand on my own two feet because my back went out (apparently I’m 90-years-old). I don’t think I’ve ever felt more useless or pathetic. Then I kinda woke up and realized how hilarious it was that I just crawled on the floor to get string cheese out of my fridge. Not saying that it was a super fun day, but looking back I can’t stop laughing. And hey, isn’t laughter the best kind of medicine?


Vest: Inspyre Boutique

Shirt: Inspyre Boutique

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Target

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