Trend Alert: Bralettes

IMG_9479Itty bitty titty committee is now officially the coolest gang to be a part of….or at least for this season it is (I’M IN IT FOR LIFE YO). They look so cute and flattering in these darling bralettes. My three favorites are from Inspyre Boutique and this is how I style them. I apologize for the crappy iPhone pictures…



1. Cute little crop top….I may be getting a little old for crop tops but goddammit this bralette grew on me and I am in love. FullSizeRender

2. Have a shirt with a fun back? This black bralette is the perfect addition because it doesn’t totally take away from this beautiful design. FullSizeRender

3. Showing your bra is now OKAY (thank you fashion). I style this bralette with one of my low-cut shirts making it both sexy and fun. Boom.FullSizeRender

Mic drop on the trend alert. Stay tuned for more. xo

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