Above and Beyond

If there’s anything I’ve learned from life so far, it’s this: question everything. Question why you have to answer to someone. Question why milk is white. Question why you believe in certain beings. Question why your hair is brown. Question why you love the things that you love. The more you question, the more everything becomes¬†clearer. It doesn’t necessarily mean change when questioning occurs, but it means there is a chance you could stumble over life-changing truths.

Sitting around and believing what you’ve been told your entire life will not only place you in a box, it’ll keep you from being the best possible person you can be.

I might be a slight workaholic, but I’ve already noticed a difference in my life because I don’t sit still anymore. Don’t get me wrong, relaxing and taking everything in is so important. But sitting and settling down is not the way I thrive and grow. Just over the past year, I’ve pushed myself past every limit I’ve come across so far. I will keep pushing and I’ll never give up. I will question everything, no matter where it takes me (hopefully not death..).

Question: Why can’t I go back to the 90’s and why hasn’t there been a time machine to take me back yet??? Chokers are the bees knees. Give me my ring pop and my walkman and I’m ready to take a trip down memory lane.

Top: Nordstrom/Top Shop

Jeans: Inspyre Boutique

Shoes: H&M

Sunglasses and Choker: Aldo

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