Letting Go

I strongly believe that we attract what energy we emit. The more positive, genuine energy I produce, the more right people have come and stayed in my world.

There are so many different people that have walked into my life. Most have just quietly passed by, some left a temporary but deep impression and some came in and attempted to suck every bit of positive energy out of me. It has taken me quite some time, but I’m getting better at detecting who these individuals are before they get too wrapped up in my life.

The more I become more true to myself, the more I’ve let these toxic people go from my life. I barely have time to juggle work, my friends, family and hobbies, so when it comes to any negative energy, letting go is the only solution.  Love who you are, and anyone who doesn’t love the true you will become much easier to let go.

Hat: Salvation Army Chain

Romper: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: H&M 

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