That Broke Life

There is something about summer that makes me want to travel for the rest of my life and never work again. Or maybe that’s every season…either way I think the hardest thing about being in my mid 20’s is being broke and not doing the things I want to do. I’ve made a list of fun things everyone should do when in this same boat.

  1. Picnic in the park
  2. Baseball game
  3. Selfies
  4. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond and take multiple naps on multiple different beds
  5. Go to a coffee shop, take an artsy pic for Insta and leave (who needs coffee) (me, but make it at home)
  6. Come up with a 5 year plan. Year 1: Stop making a plan and start doing shit.
  7. Pinterest your entire life. I’m saying cute little cups, cute little bracelets, cute little everything. Make everything in your life cute as f***.
  8. Watch an entire season of Friends while eating an ice cream sundae.
  9. Give the homeless man $5. It won’t kill ya and you’ll feel all great inside. It’s great.
  10. Start a blog. Write every annoying, weird single thought on it. And take pretty pictures to get people’s attention. I did it…it’s fun.

In all honesty, being in my mid 20’s has been the best time of my life. Even though I’m at the beginning of my career, still don’t have anything together and learning some tough lessons along the way- this mess has been the most amazing start to what I see as a bright future. I can’t wait to see what it’s got in store for me…hopefully it’ll include A/C and a shopping spree of $1 million every month.

Shirt, Shorts, Choker: Inspyre Boutique

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: H&M

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