Colorado: Favorite Hikes

Hiking is one of my favorite activities to do in my free time. The open space, the feeling of getting lost, finding myself in the depths of nature- all while getting some hardcore cardio in. There really isn’t a feeling that compares to climbing and reaching the top of mountain. I’ve put together a list of my favorite hikes in Colorado with tips and tricks along the way.

1. Booth Falls: Vail

I just did this hike recently and it’s by far my new favorite. It’s right outside of Vail and about a four hour hike altogether. It’s very rocky and uphill most of the way, but the views during the hike and at the top are absolutely breathtaking. The one annoying thing about this hike is the bugs. Definitely bring a can of bug spray and be prepared to swat away flies the whole time.


2. Spruce Mountain: Larkspur

This hike is an easy five mile one with not much of an incline, and every half mile or so there are gorgeous views of the mountains. Bring snacks and beer to make a day of it, and since the intensity level is so low carrying the extra weight won’t make much of a difference. Also, COWBOYS EVERYWHERE!


3. Royal Arch Trail: Boulder

Another crazy intense hike- pretty much uphill the entire way. Views of Boulder at the top are kick ass. I did this hike while it was raining (I know, who am I) which made it even more difficult. Worth it. My tip for this one is not to feed/pay attention to the chipmunks….they will find you again and stalk you and it starts to get weird.



4. Devil’s Head: Rocky Mountains

The hike is pretty moderate, and the only way to get to the top of the “devil’s head” is to climb this mile of sketchy stairs. You are pretty much walking along rocks with no railing surrounded by a 360 view of the mountains at the top- it is breathtaking and one of my top favorites. There is also a picnic area so perfect for a light lunch break.


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