Time is a very powerful thing. Almost any brokenness can be healed with time. The key is to be patient. It is a process that can’t be done with the snap of our fingers. There are many steps to heal, and they all revolve around time. Keep this in mind, especially when you’re hurting. It will pass. Keep the faith. Time can not only heal a broken heart, it can make it stronger than it ever was before. I feel like most of us were taught this as we grew up, crying on the shoulders of our friends and family because of harsh circumstances. Yet we still become bitter and unforgiving and harden our hearts, not letting time do its thing. Time is a blessing in disguise – despite the fact people die eventually, we are also given the chance to not just be alive, but live. Live through the pain and be our most powerful and best selves.

Top: Inspyre Boutique

Bottoms: Inspyre Boutique

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Necklaces: Inspyre Boutique 

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