DENVER: Favorite Hidden Gems

Denver is a hidden gem in itself. There are is in a influx of young people moving here and it is booming like crazy. New restaurants, new bars, new boutiques, new things to do- in a city growing like this, for us noobs Google is our BFF to scout out the best of the best food, drinks and fun. The following is only just a few my favorites. My list is constantly changing and building, so I would say this is more of a “favorite hidden gems of summer ’16.”

Best Pancakes: Snooze

Best Mixed Drank: Williams and Graham

Best Gifty Thangs: Decade

Best Chinese: Peter’s Chinese Cafe

Best Donuts: Voodoo <–check out my girl Chelsea’s review on it!

Best ‘Za: Homegrown Tap and Dough

Best Popsicle: AikoPops

Best Hip Cool Outside Drinking Casually Spot: Recess

Best Hip Cool Inside Drinking Casually Spot: Union Station

Best Tacos: Machete

Best Beer: Historians 

Best Rooftop: Avanti 

Best Sandwich: Vert

Best Mac n’ Cheese: Telegraph

Best Burger: My Brother’s Bar

Best Coffee: Aviano

Best Ice Cream: Bonnie Brae




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