Warby Parker

glassesShopping for cute eye wear just became a whole lot easier for us indecisive, I-want-cute-and-cheap-at-my-door-step individuals. Warby Parker is the wave of the future. Not only is it a hundo percent free to try on five pairs of glasses mailed to your door, most of the pairs are $95 – prescription included. I don’t know how I have never heard of them before.

How it works is you go to warbyparker.com, go through all the glasses and “favorite” your five loves. In your favorites it’ll give you the option to “add these to at-home try on” and once you have five, it’ll direct you to check out. They’ll charge your card $1 to make sure it works, and then within a week these five pairs of adorable eye candy things will be at your doorstep. You’ll have five days (they like the number five I guess) to try them on, ask your friends and see what looks best on that cute face of yours. Once you figure out the perfect fit, mail those babies back and order your own pair!

Honestly, you can’t not do this. So go check it out now my blind little birds.


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