Rearview Mirror Game

We are always told to never look back- always push forward and look to the future for hope and happiness. I disagree with this. I recently read through a journal I wrote over the past couple years. I started journaling when I first moved away from my hometown. The anxiety, the fear, the sadness, the excitement, the change, the love, the beauty…it blows my mind how much has happened in the past couple years. I was so ataken back on how everything in its own way has come together.

One of the first sentences I wrote was “Did I make the right decision to move here, leaving all my best friends and family and familiarity behind?” And throughout the rest of the entries it’s proven that yes, I did make the right decision. I have been pushed to the edge of my comfort zone too many times to count. I’ve gone through the hardest shit I’ve ever experienced. I’ve found my niche and humans that I’ll be friends with for life. I would’ve never expected to end up where I am today. Denver? Nope. Fashion blog? Nope. Learning I’m an introvert and so many other insane life realizations? Nooooooope.

I highly recommend everyone to keep a journal. In experiencing moments we don’t see everything piecing itself together, but reflection on it all creates this insane complicated beautiful intricate picture. Remembering how we got to where we are today is crucial to staying humble, grateful and aware. I can’t get over how everything has happened for a reason to bring me where I am today…and to think, this is the only the beginning.

Vest: Anthropologie 

Jeans & Booties: Insprye Boutique 

2 thoughts on “Rearview Mirror Game

  1. Mack says:

    Yes!!! This is definitely something I’ve been learning lately. Glad you shared this because I think it’s something that’s easy to miss. Also outfit is gorgeous as usual! Xo


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