Stripes & Hypnosis

Sometimes it feels like everything I’m experiencing is an illusion. The past is becoming only a flickering memory that is impossible to hold on to. I have become the person I am  because of my experiences, yet the road to why I got here is muddy and inconsistent.

Looking past temporary feelings and holding onto love and the people who bring happiness into my life is the only way I can justify this hypnosis I’m under. Why are we the way that we are? The mystery of the universe is the one constant in my life, and dealing with it day by day is the one thing that gives me purpose.

This dress is kind of hypnotizing too. Maybe I’m about to go on a romantic picnic, maybe I’m about to hold a Fourth of July party in November. The mystery is tantalizing.

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Target

Watch: Aldo

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