Witches Be Like

As women, we go our whole lives believing in the mystical idea of a fairy tale. We were brought up with sugar coated fantasies that say some valiant knight-like dude is going to kiss us and wake us from a deep slumber that an evil witch has thrown upon us since we’re like, really pretty.

Obviously we grow up and are hit with the harsh reality that life is in no way a fairy tale. Everything we expect to happen never happens. Life is never as easy as 1-2-3 boom, I’m happy let’s end it here and close the book. Although there are evil witches who will hate us and try to bring us down as well as valiant dudes who unfortunately never wear knight costumes (sad face).

I feel like saying life is a miracle is as cheesy as saying it’s a fairy tale, but I’ve witnessed two miracles the past week – I could’ve lost two people very dear to my heart, and someone out there was watching over them. The more I sit and witness life happening around me, miracles continue to occur daily. Life is so much more incredible than a fairy tale because what we feel is so speculator and moving it can’t even be put into words. I hope the generation after myself isn’t told fairy tales, rather real stories about real people who do really amazing things. Because wearing all black doesn’t mean we’re witches….well, maybe it does but let’s be real witches are awesome.

Sweater Dress: H&M

Leggings: Target

Leather Jacket: Inspyre Boutique

Shoes: H&M

Lipstick: Glo Minerals

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