Classic New Year’s Post

Another Christmas, another New Year’s, another “new beginnings” post by every other girl in the world. There’s something motivating in how a shitty year, a shitty month or a shitty week has an end and we can just shut it down with a quote on FB and suddenly we feel hopeful. I mean like who actually believes in that…. (insert girl raising hand emoji)?

I never make official resolutions for the mere fact I forget my resolution within a week. But here’s what my every day resolution is: I’ll continue to better myself by pushing myself to the highest possible limits every day, and I encourage you all to do the same. Throw on that crazy furry leather jacket, look hot, look stupid, be weird, be crazy, be vulnerable. Get hurt, love too much, fail at stuff, run into doors (that’s a thing), fight for something you believe in. I’m just striving to make my lifestyle a constant resolution. Otherwise I know I’ll wake up one day and realize that whole I’m-going-to-lose-weight-and-go-to-the-gym-and-eat-healthy-and-stop-drinking never happened December 2017. Crisis averted. Happy Holidays loves!

Jacket: Top Shop – Nordstrom

Sweater: Top Shop – Nordstrom

Jeans: Top Shop – Nordstrom

Shoes: Forever 21

5 thoughts on “Classic New Year’s Post

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Yes girl, your mindset is in the right place. Goals are important and all that, and we should always strive to better ourselves, but it should be a process, not a one time resolution. Thanks for sharing. PS. LOVE the outfit per usual. Gorg. ❤ xo


  2. allthingstrendyy says:

    this is very relatable x

    *delete if not allowed*

    but hey, I am a new blogger and looking for people to have a read of my first blog, please have a look and like and comment too! thanks xx


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