When it comes to working out I am the queen of lazy. I need someone to get in my face and scream “JUST DO IT!” otherwise I probably won’t do it. I would rather hike, play soccer or just eat ice cream.

ClassPass has changed the way I work out. It’s the hottest new app that has countless studios all over the US participating.


After downloading the app, it asks a series of questions to design the program according to what kinds of workouts the person is looking for. Everything from yoga to boxing to cycling is included in a membership.


Not only is it cheaper than a lot of studios, the opportunity to try out different classes, teachers and gyms makes it all the worth while. I also love how I can sign up for a class near my work or near my place.


Did I mention it’s only $50 a month for 5 classes? It’s such a steal. I would highly recommend this app – and if anyone signs up with my code  it’s $30 off the first month! Let’s spend our Saturday morning with hot yoga and hot coffee.

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