The hardest concept to understand is loving oneself. What does it even mean to love ourselves? It’s not necessarily buying new clothes, having a good time with drinks and friends or getting a nice little massage (I mean these things help..).

Loving ourselves is looking in the mirror and thinking “hey I’m a pretty great person” (it’s awkward but no one is there so w/e). It’s learning to enjoy our own company. It’s grabbing a coffee, sitting, breathing and examining every part of one’s surroundings. Spending the night making a nice dinner, reading a book and writing down thoughts on life, love and happiness. It’s being genuinely grateful for every part of life and every part of who we are.

Loving oneself is a process and it’s hard to achieve. It’s closing one’s eyes, locking one’s fingers together and saying “I love you.”

There is a reason each and every one of us is on this earth at this time. My advice: Who you are is who you are. Who you’re meant to be is who you’re meant to be. Dig through every layer of bitterness, sadness, anger, confusion and heartbreak, and accept each of these layers as puzzle pieces to your own existence. Somewhere in the midst of this growth, a new found love for who you are will be found.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Scarf: Urban Outfitters 

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Forever 21

3 thoughts on “Layers

  1. Paige Rebecca says:

    I wish I had the confidence to do outfit shots, this is so nicely matched together! I just followed your blog and would love you to follow mine and check out some of my blog posts💗x

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