I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: there is a reason for everything. There’s a reason why I didn’t get a job I wanted. There’s a reason why a relationship didn’t work out. There’s a reason why I have lost a friend. There’s a reason why I’ve gained a friend. There’s a reason why I’m here where I am today.

Life is all about timing. Certain events occur at certain times for a specific reason. Whether it’s to teach us, to push us towards another event or to open our eyes to truth. The problem is it’s hard to know in moments and difficult times why it’s happening to us. It’s hard to experience pain, to experience a loss, to experience an end.

Just like nature, we have to die (metaphorically) in order to become beautiful and whole again. It’s not just dying once either. It’s dying multiple times. It’s letting ourselves shed year after year, becoming tough but not hardened. Becoming stronger, but not prideful. Ironically, falling apart is the only way we can rise to a higher state of mind.

This outfit is what I call my “warrior outfit.” It’s my go-get-em I’ve fallen apart many times and survived thus far outfit. And I’m not afraid to keep fighting.


Photography: Brandon Dougherty

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie

Belt: Anthropologie

Shoes: Aldo Shoes

Lipstick: Sephora Brand 

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