Honesty is Key

I pretty much live inside my head. Hence why it’s always been a struggle for me to be honest – I just assume people know how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. I keep things to myself because I’m afraid of offending and hurting others. I hate being the person who would be the cause of any sort of drama. I hate confrontation with a passion.

This is all starting to change. My goal this year is to always be honest with others and myself about everything. I’ve noticed even as I start being more honest about little things, it’s transformed my life in a significant way. Choosing to keep quiet and tip toeing around other people’s feelings has only hurt myself. If anything, honesty has brought me closer to friends (and kept away the bad ones), pushed me to a higher sense of self and helped me cope with life in general.

Honesty will bring forth some difficult conversations and might even create a few enemies. But in the end speaking from the heart is what pushes us towards the right path and people. Never underestimate the power of honesty.


Photography: Brandon Dougherty

Jacket: Top Shop

Shirt: Inspyre Boutique 

Pants: Nordstrom  

Sunglasses: Top Shop

Shoes: Forever 21

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