Real or Reflection?

As kids all we want to do is play make-believe, whether it’s with Barbies, Legos, dress-up…we create many different worlds. Worlds that we believe are perfect. Then we grow up, stop outwardly pretending and creating these make-believe worlds- when in reality, we still pretend on a daily basis (minus the dolls).

There’s a saying of some sort: always be kind because you never know what the other person is going through. We all put on this mask whether it’s through social media, drinking, our career, clothes, makeup, the way we talk and act around others…how can we stay true to ourselves when life is basically a real-life Barbie doll game? Where is the line between real or a reflection of what we want others to see? And do we actually love the things we love, or is it just because we’ve been told it’s normal to love them?

Top: Banana Republic

Flannel: Target

Jeans: Nordstrom

Shoes: H&M

Necklace: Inspyre Boutique 

Watch: Aldo Shoes

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