Overall Overwhelmed

It’s very hard for me to not shut out the world. I sometimes get so overwhelmed by what’s happening around me, I sink into my cocoon and hide from it all. Some might say it’s unhealthy, but the only way I can cope with being on this earth is once in awhile shutting out every single part of it. I can’t explain why. Sometimes I don’t even realize how overwhelmed I am until I’m alone and it hits me all at once.

It is not easy to live in this world. We are constantly judged, scrutinized, hated and thrown under the bus. People are sometimes so awful it makes my stomach twist. Whenever I get overwhelmed I’m always questioning what the hell is going on and why? What does it mean? What does anything mean? The only answer that I’ve received is is that I don’t have answers to 99% of it. I’m learning to accept that not knowing is what life is. Because in the not knowing, we know.

Overalls: H&M

Sweater: H&M 

Choker: Aldo 

Shoes: H&M

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