The Box

We all pretend to a certain degree that we don’t care, we’re okay, we’re happy and we’re normal. It’s crazy the amount of people I meet/know that aren’t okay or normal, and they really do genuinely care. We all put on some type of front, but I think when it comes down to it we are all suffering inside our head, some more severe than others. I believe the ones that judge the most are the ones that are suffering the most- these people have just learned to hide their anxiety and weirdness better.

Our society always judges the “weird” ones- the ones who might admit how unhappy they are, the ones who call people out or the ones who do things that are “outside-the-box.” What is this box anyways? Who defined this box as inside normal, outside weird? What does being weird even mean? All the inventors, shakes, doers, believers – the ones we have read about in history books…they were all kinda crazy, but they changed the world.

It’s time to stop passing judgements. It’s time to stop hiding our feelings and start celebrating how insane we all are deep down. This is the only way big positive changes can occur. We need to start believing in the power of simply being who we are and the change each of us can make every day just by being alive.

Top: Urban Outfitters

Cardigan: Banana Republic

Jeans: Inspyre Boutique 

Shoes: Aldo

Choker: Aldo

Purse: Nordstrom/Top Shop

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