Humans are weird creatures. Why is it that we cling to certain people and push others away? Why is it that we ignore or forget about people? And others we are so deeply affected by we don’t ever want to lose them? I believe in the power of our thoughts and energy, and I believe we attract what we feel. But sometimes I don’t even understand what I feel and what I’m omitting to the world.

Sometimes it’s hard to just be. To let everything go- our thoughts, our feelings, our worries, our dreams, our regrets, our hopes. To let go of what we want to happen rather than just letting it happen. Are we ever attracting the right people into our lives or are we just forcing the people we want to be there? The law of attraction is an interesting concept. The only thing I can understand is the more happier and confident I become, I’m surrounded by people who make me feel the same or even better. Humans are weird. Life is weird.

Photography: Brandon Dougherty

Top: Inspyre Boutique

Jacket: Ella 

Jeans: Nordstrom

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Inspyre Boutique 

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