Be Kind, Rewind

It’s much easier to judge someone, to gossip, to make fun of, to belittle him/her. The hard thing to do is understand someone. Understand the reasons behind their actions and words. Understand their upbringing, their experiences and how it’s led them to who and where they are today. It’s next to impossible to not impose our own reality on who we believe someone else to be.

It’s hard to step into someone else’s shoes because it’s our human nature to be self absorbed. We crave acceptance and love, yet we choose to judge and dislike others based on little things we see and hear. We tell others to be themselves, yet we laugh and criticize them when they do. Being kind is a rare commodity nowadays. When a stranger is nice to me, or smiles at me or gives me a compliment – I’m almost mad. Like excuse me leave me alone you weird nice person…how dare you try to brighten my day.

This world needs big change, and it simply starts with being aware of our thoughts and reactions. Be kind, (rewind). P.S. can we bring back blockbuster?

Top: Common Era

Skirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: H&M

Purse: Nordstrom Rack

Choker: Nordstrom

Sunglasses: Forever 21

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