New York: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful

Every block has a different smell. One block it’s like someone puked up trash, the next block fried food, the next block flowers mixed with roasted peanuts. Sometimes it’s not even blocks – within seconds one gets a wiff of every smell known to man. Some may say this is what makes New York dirty (I mean it is in some parts) but I think it’s just another quality that makes it the most unique city in the world. I was lucky enough to take a business trip there combined with pleasure.

Every part of New York City gives me life – the people, the energy, the smells, the sounds, the food, the art, the culture. I’ve been in love with this city my whole life. It is where I belong, and I will be there for good sooner than later (follow me on Instagram for updates: @olivesworld) – but for now I want to give you some tips and tricks for visiting this giant grid filled with 8 million people and 8 million things to do.

Getting there

I flew into LaGuardia Airport which is an absolute disaster right now because it’s currently under construction. Be prepared for a lot of craziness and waiting. I had to take the green shuttle which is at the passenger pick up area that delivered me to the “Uber pick up area” where my driver scooped me up before I was swallowed into a hole of screaming security guards and “let me honk for no reason” drivers (every New York driver). It’s a mad house. But hey that’s New York.

Where to Stay

I am a lucky chick because I was able to stay with my grandparents on the Upper West Side. It’s a special place and I’m so lucky to have had many years of sharing family gatherings and memories with these two incredible individuals.

Either way, I don’t know a whole lot on hotels, but I do know that I’ve been told getting an Air b’n’b is the way to go. Below are a few pictures of the view from my grandparent’s apartment (I mean they aren’t ugly). I also had to take a picture of my favorite breakfast known to the half-Jewish breed I am: bagels and lox. A MUST have in New York – go to Zabaar’s and you won’t be disappointed.

Day Two

Day one I spent at my cousin’s bridal shower so I’m omitting that from my post (as cute and wonderful as it was). I have a couple of friends in the city so on day two we met at this place HK Hell’s Kitchen. It was so incredibly fun because there was a side dish with my waffles: a drag show. It was very entertaining but loud (maybe don’t bring your baby). Aside from the show, the food was amazing and bottomless drinks for $20 hit the spot. Afterwards we explored SoHo – the best places to shop all within walking distance of each other. Another great thing about New York is that not only is there a Starbucks on every corner, there’s a bar on every corner as well. An amazing day to say the least!

Day Three

I spent day three exploring the Museum of Modern Art. I tried not to take too many pictures as to actually “appreciate the art”, but of course I snapped a few. What was really special was this little cafe on the fifth floor that had amazing food and one heck of a view of the park below. Side note: food in the city? NOTHING beats it. Chinese, pizza, fancy restaurants at MoMA – everywhere you go, it’s hard to run into a place that has bad food.

Day Four, Five & Six

The next few days I spent working, sitting at cafes, running to meetings and navigating the subway (might’ve gotten lost once or twice).

Juice Pressery – delicious, healthy smoothies and vegan snacks. It’s a chain in the city I’m pretty sure.

Gregory’s Coffee – It’s a chain but I had a latte and I can’t complain.

Au Bon Pain – Another chain but the bakery – Y U M

I did however have this opportunity to go to this fancy gala for young artists at Lincoln Center. Fashion in New York is everywhere, but this gala was my favorite place to observe it. New York is a hub for art, music and fashion, and I’m so grateful to experience these things when I travel here. I would highly recommend seeing a show or concert and grabbing a late night dinner if you ever make your way to this city. It’s the only way to truly experience the New York life.

Overall I am bias, but New York is my favorite city in the world. I hope each of you has the opportunity to make your way there at some point. There’s a lot of tourist hot spots I didn’t touch on, but I think the only way to know a city is through the people that live there. I’m lucky I have many of them, especially my two favorites on the Upper West Side.

Till next time,

xo Olive

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