Dear Denver: A Love Letter

Dear Denver,

I went for a walk today and I started tearing up just looking around, reminiscing on all of my memories here in this beautiful city. Denver, you have changed my life forever and prepared me for everything that is to come. You weren’t in my “plan,” but I am so incredibly grateful you became a significant part of my journey. This is my ode to you, a love letter to my home for the past two and a half years.

You surrounded me with natural beauty and irreplaceable memories.

You gave me lifelong friends, both new and the treasured visitors.

You gave me the gift of family, always surrounded by love, support and cuteness.

Denver, you pushed me out of every comfort zone I didn’t even realize I had. You gave me the opportunity to become friends with others of different cultures and races. You gave me the opportunity to try so many new foods. You showed me that my life is nothing without passion and creativity. You gave me the gift of meeting people that forever changed my life, even if they didn’t stay. You showed me parts of myself I didn’t know were there. You gave me the hardest times I’ve ever experienced, which in turn shaped me into the strong, confident individual I’ve always wanted to be.

Most importantly, Denver, you gave me the courage to believe that anything is possible if you work hard and are surrounded by people who love you.

Thank you for being everything I needed and more.

Don’t forget me because I will never forget you.

This is not a goodbye, just a see ya later.

ILY Denver, always and forever.

xo Olive


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