“The best things happen by chance.”

I make notes in my phone when certain phrases, experiences or ideas pop into my head throughout the week. I was looking through some of my old notes, and this one popped up and stood out to me. Strangely enough I’ve had it in my phone for almost a year, and I don’t even remember why I typed it. But now I know, because now it’s relevant to my mindset and where I am in life.

I may just be a dreamer, and every idea I’ve thought or written down is only a figment of imagination. But either way everything beautiful that’s occurred in my life has happened by chance because at some point I trusted the universe to bring me what I need.

My current job? By chance.

My friends? By chance.

My relationships? By chance.

My apartment? By chance.

My best memories? By chance.

Denver? By chance.

The right place at the right time, with no expectations and a happy heart. If only this was how I lived my life every day, trusting the universe and only focusing on what makes me happy. I think why trusting is so hard is because society puts this idea in our heads of what life should be like. When in reality the prince won’t kiss us awake, magical fairy god mothers don’t exist and evil is in ourselves, not in one witch that talks to a creepy mirror.

Even though life sucks 95 percent of the time, it also take us by surprise and leads us to where we’ll be happiest. That 5 percent by chance is what I believe makes life worth living. Because “by chance” I believe translates into fate.

Maybe I am just a dreamer. Maybe nothing is connected. Maybe by chance is really just by chance. But don’t we all need to believe in something crazy to make it through the day?


Top: Anthropologie 

Bottoms: Anthropologie

Purse: Nordstrom Rack

Earrings: H&M

Shoes: H&M

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