Track Record

My whole life has been a series of loving myself and hating myself moments.

“What do they think of me?”

“Am I good enough?”

I am what some call an “empath.” I feel what other people feel. I can feel the energy behind everyone’s words and actions. I can’t always speak my feelings – I just know what they are. It sounds crazy, but it’s the best way I can describe myself.

Being an empath comes with its baggage. I am still figuring out the healthiest way to live. My biggest issue is that I absorb everyone’s energy rather than acknowledge it and let it be. Because of this, I consider myself an outgoing introvert. I do love the human race, but I can only handle so much of everyone until I hit a breaking point. I have to slink into solitude for who knows how long. It’s the only way I can re-boot and balance my own energy out.

I also have struggled with pleasing others my entire life. When I care about someone, I put my whole heart and soul into the relationship. I’ve had a lot of people take advantage of that, which is why many have come into my life and I’ve let them go.

I don’t apologize for that anymore. I don’t apologize for who I am anymore. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s putting aside my judgements and accepting people for who they are. So I can only hope I will receive that in return.

I truly believe I am on the right track to figuring out. Speaking of track, the “athleisure” trend is my number one favorite trend right now. These pants are actually dress pants and are perfect to dress down or up.

untitled (23 of 34)untitled (32 of 34)untitled (33 of 34)untitled (25 of 34)untitled (31 of 34)untitled (34 of 34)

Photography: Nicole Angeles

T-Shirt: Zara

Pants: Zara

Loafers: Zara

Hat: Forever 21

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