New York: Do Yo Fall Thang

There’s now a slight/sometimes major nip in the air in the beautiful city of New York. I’ve put together a new list of my favorite adventures I’ve gone on and restaurants I’ve loved in the past month. I hope you can enjoy these as much as I did and do yo fall thang.

David Zwirner Gallery

I went to an AMAZING exhibit at this gallery – it’s a small one but they always have a really unique artist showing his or her work. This was the “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit by Yayosi Kusama…we had to wait two hours because they only let five people in at a time…worth every second!


Hudson River Boardwalk 

During the fall right when the leaves turn, this is the perfect sunset walk. It’s a long walkway and has a lot of beautiful tree-filled areas. During the summer, there are a bunch of cafes set up along this boardwalk as well. This is a hidden gem in NYC!


Little Italy

I don’t have a lot of pictures since I was enjoying myself SO much exploring this part of New York. My friend and I grabbed dinner at a random restaurant and had the best pasta meal of our lives. It was so good- I can’t even remember the name. All I know is a cute little man lured us in…I guess a stranger invites you into every restaurant there? Either way, an amazing carb-filled pasta-filled meal along with a scoop of gelato is the perfect way to spend a Friday night in Little Italy.


MADE Hotel

This hotel recently opened up near Bryant Park. Its decor is so unique and beautiful. The drinks (both coffee and alcoholic) are delicious and still on the cheaper side since it’s not well known yet. Hit it up before it gets crazy!


Central Park: West Side to Bethesda Fountain

Ummm…did you know Central Park is the most beautiful place known to man? Okay maybe I’m bias but there is nowhere else in the world as big and beautiful as this park. There are so many areas to explore I don’t know even know where to start. I would highly recommend checking out Bethesda Fountain and taking a boat ride on the river. They also have a really cool bar next to it. Walking through the park is like re-living a scene out of a movie..or out of Law and Order: SVU (don’t walk through it late at night obviously).


The Plaza Hotel

This hotel is unreal. Make a reservation at the Palm Court for tea a couple weeks ahead because spots fill fast. The architecture of this place blows me away – even just walking through the building will make you feel really poor yet fancy.  Pictures do it zero justice. I would avoid the bar/restaurant upstairs unless you are a millionaire.


The Pink Moose

A pitcher of sangria for $14? A bomb breakfast for $12? I meeeean this place is where it’s at. The best Saturday get-drunk-eat-good-food-not-spend-entire-bank-account place. I might move in.



I realize I don’t have a whole plethora of pictures for every place and activity, but I’ve been trying to take less pictures and enjoy more of being in the moment. It works wonders. Now go enjoy these all for yourself.

Till next time,

Olive xo

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