The Real Deal

I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my blog posts, but it’s proven pretty much impossible. As much as I want to post a new outfit and my tid bit thoughts on life every day, having a full time job and social life always means my blog comes second. I always look at other bloggers and wonder: “How the hell do you keep up with this?”

I genuinely love having a blog, and I’m so grateful I have many followers who’ve given positive feedback and continue to empower me. But the reality of the situation is that “normal” people aka me do not have time/money to have a new outfit for you all the time. Or have the headspace to share a new epiphany…you can only have so many epiphanies before you go a lil insane.

SO I’ve decided to incorporate more of what is already in my closet with new things here and there. Because who actually buys a new outfit every day? I mean definitely not me so I’m hoping to create a more “real-life” vibe.

Because that really is what my blog is all about. This is a platform where I write my deep weird insane thoughts and somehow you people find it interesting. Either way it makes me so happy and I hope I’m inspiring a few of you out there! Enjoy this outfit…I’m obsessed with my new pair of overalls and had fun romping around the city today. Stay tuned for more ways to style this baby.


Shop The Look


Top: First Stop – local NYC store…no website


Purse  (in stores only)

Necklace (in stores only)


Till next time,



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