I read this quote the other day: “Freedom is acknowledging the mask you wear and having the courage to take it off.”

It’s ironic that we all hide our true selves whether we realize it or not. We tell ourselves that we are free and independent and unique, yet everything we do is based on society. We replace our emptiness with people and things and experiences rather than face the issues we have deep down.

I live in a city where everyone is constantly moving, talking, doing, going…we hide our pain and struggles with the city itself. If we take our mask off and expose our vulnerability, we are thrown away and labeled as weak.

I believe that toughness comes from doing the opposite. Exposing our vulnerability, acknowledging our flaws and discussing our struggles are the only ways to grow and become who we truly are. It is freedom.

If we start to let go of what others might think and stop hiding true feelings, beliefs, wants, needs, dreams…then we could maybe help this world a little more. Because with all of the awful events happening every day, an unmasked, honest individual gives a small flicker of hope.


Shop the Look

Top: H&M

Pants: Bershka

Jacket: Inspyre Boutique

Shoes: Zara

Hat: Forever 21

Purse: Forever 21

Watch: Nordstrom Rack

Necklace: Top Shop

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