Outfits in Orlando

I have done so much traveling over the past month. It’s so hard to keep up with blog posts, but I thought in the process of my crazy life I would post a few outfits that I wore on my last trip to Orlando. It was a nice break from this weird winter we are having in New York. Maybe I’m just used to the perfect weather in Denver, but this could possibly be the longest winter of my life. I should probably stop going on vacation…

Also, everyone should go to Disney World as an adult. It is magical as fuck.

(from top to bottom)

Outfit Numero Uno

Top: Aritzia

Shorts: H&M

Fanny pack: Amazon/Hershel Supply

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Watch: Ted Baker

Outfit Numero Dos

Top: Bershka

Shorts: Bershka

Shoes: H&M

Sunglasses: Top Shop/Quay

Outfit Numero Tres

Dress: Bershka

Shoes: Zara

Outfit Numero Cuatro

Top: Aritzia

Bottoms: Bershka

Sandals: David Jones

Shades: Top Shop/Quay


Till next time,

Olive xo

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