Western Australia

So I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Australia is absolutely beautiful. You can see the bottom of the ocean floor. The weather is so perfect you’re like how is this real? It’s like you’re in a movie starring all these happy tan people with cool accents with no plot line or anything because their lives are perfect. It’s great.

I was in Western Australia end of February-beginning of March which is right at the end of their summer. Starting in Perth and ending up (real down unda) on the southern coast, I was pretty much in awe every two seconds. None of these pictures remotely do it justice.

I did everything from camping on the beach, to climbing a giant tree (..okay I only made it two feet off the ground), to boating, to meeting lots of wonderful Aussies, to winery hopping to eating more seafood than I probably have consumed in my entire life. Also kangaroos are dope, but I think the quokkas are way cuter/you can hold them and potentially get rabies. Worth it.

I’m very grateful I had this amazing opportunity to experience Australia for what it truly is. Enjoy the pics and be super jealous!



Till next time,

Olive xo

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