New York: The Dream Machine

“Just wanna stuff my face in freshly cut grass and drink vodka lemonades till I die.” – Me tweeting this weekend adventuring in beautiful weather.

I spent a little time inside and went to this exhibit in Brooklyn that was probably the most Instagram-worthy place I’ve ever been to. I’m pretty sure they designed it so people would take pictures, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other exhibits started popping up just like it. Or maybe they have and I’m not cool?

It’s called “The Dream Machine” and every room is a different theme. I made this short one minute video. Please don’t judge – I am completely new to making videos and I have zero editing software tools except for iMovie. But I had fun and would love to start learning more!

Here are a few shots from yesterday as well.



Side note: I got sucked into this ball pit so many times…it’s like sinking sand and I think I re-lived a childhood nightmare that involved Mcdonald’s and a mean child. I will bring this up to my non-existent therapist next week.

Till next time,

Olive xo

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