Viva la Vida

Life is a feeling. It’s not something we possess.

It’s not about attaining money, fame, entitlement, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, houses, cars, Instagram followers, booty calls, promotions, clothes, shoes or any one thing that we believe will bring us happiness.

Nothing outside of us fills the empty hole in each of our hearts. I know we all have emptiness. We just choose to put it aside, ignore it and tape it up temporarily till it bursts every once in awhile (or never..).

Life is not about possession. It’s not about attaching ourselves to anything or anyone.

We are who we are because of our thoughts, beliefs, morals, actions and words. We create happiness. It’s all perspective. We create perspective.

Life comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Deep down I believe we are all terrified of death, not knowing whether we did everything we could. But what does “everything” even mean?

It is simple. Surrounding ourselves with people who love us and for us to do what we love…. That is success. That is what I define as success.

Everything else is just everything else.

With that being said…here is an example of my attachments to clothes and shoes and basic pictures with flowers. VIVA LA VIDA in la spring.


Shop the Look

Top: Zara

Skirt: Buffalo Exchange

Shoes: Zara

Purse: Zara

Earrings: H&M

Sunglasses: Some thrift store in Brooklyn (SRY)

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting outfits/thoughts regularly but I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to do so. I love to write and I love putting together creative content, but I get side tracked attempting to piece my own life together. Thank you to all my fans for keeping me in your mailbox.

Till next time,

Olive xo

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