Real Talk

I was chatting with one of my good friends today and we were talking about the subject of realness.

What does it mean to actually be real? I feel like in this world of influencers that I follow on Instagram, 90% of them are trying to be real but news flash: when you’re trying to be real YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY BEING REAL.

It’s hard to put into words what being real is because it’s not a statement, it’s just who you are. It’s your energy…genuine, authentic and 100% you.

I am basic and annoying and weird and kind of psycho sometimes. But it’s who I am. I celebrate it. I advertise it. And I don’t care who sees it. Because the ones who love me, are the ones who know me and still love me from the bottom of their hearts (well fuck I hope they do).

Two faces. Two worlds. Two ways to wear this outfit. One is “I am on the Real Housewives of Bitch Please” and other is “I am broke but cute.”

First Way

Top: Top Shop

Pants: Target

Shoes: Top Shop

Earrings: H&M


Second Way

Top: Top Shop 

Pants: Target

Jacket: Inspyre Boutique 

Shoes: H&M

Hat: Forever 21

Till next time,

Olive xo

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