A Poem About Love

An excerpt I pulled from my journal.

The thing about love is is that you have to let go in order to truly love someone. It’s this constant push and pull of showing you want them in your life, while simultaneously letting them be. Love is not possessive.

Love is acceptance. It’s acceptance of the other, it’s acceptance of life, it’s acceptance of yourself. You have to accept the fact you might lose them, you might grow apart, or he/she might fall out of love with you.

Love is wanting to be a better person for the other person. It’s taking a step back and realizing who you are with or without them. It’s meeting that other person halfway. It’s setting aside your pride and putting them first. It’s losing a bit of yourself to create your own puzzle together.

Love is seeing every flaw, and loving every piece of it. Because the flaws are the reason you love them so much.

Love makes your heart hurt thinking about what would happen if the two of you fell apart. Love is trusting that the bond that you share overcomes every tough, unbearable time.

Love is special and rare and should be treasured when found. It should be respected and honored. Love is forever, even when it ends.


Till Next Time,

Olive xo


P.S. I haven’t been posting as many pictures lately – I’ve been mainly taking pictures of others for the time being (@olivenyhumans). Being a crazy creative person, I’m moving and changing and growing constantly. I never know where this life is going to take me. Thanks for joining me on this ride! x

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