The Truth About Me

I feel misunderstood on a daily basis because I’m an introvert. No, I’m not shy or have social anxiety. No, I’m not a weirdo who sits in the dark (well, most of the time). It’s very hard to define exactly what being an introvert is like..I’ve tried explaining this to some but many don’t understand. This world is designed for extroverts. So here’s a deeper dive into my weirdness.

I get exhausted by too much social interaction. I’m very self conscious when all eyes are on me. I hate when people are loud just to be loud – it over stimulates me and annoys me more than I care to admit. I like hanging out with just one or a few people I’m close with. I don’t like meeting a bunch of people at once. I like one-on-one conversations that get to the nitty gritty of who a person is, not the bullshit “how ’bout that weather” small talk. I also genuinely enjoy hanging out with myself.

It’s extremely hard for me to put into words what goes on inside my head or how I feel about a situation. I’ve been called dumb because it takes me a longer time to process everything when asked to think on the spot.

I sound like a weirdo to many extroverts. They think I need to change. My whole childhood I thought that the only way to keep friends was to hang out with them. Now the only way I can keep friends is by not making too many plans in one week and to space out my social interactions so I don’t go completely insane. I literally have to re-charge so I can be around people. I faked being an extrovert for a very long time – I wondered why I was so unhappy – I wasn’t being true to myself.

Thanks to my sales job awhile back, I learned how to step out of my comfort zone. I can talk to strangers, I can go to networking events, I know how to hold a conversation with those I just meet. Sometimes I actually like doing it, depending on the person and the conversation. But it’s not natural for me…I have to push myself to “be normal” in these situations.

The point I’m trying to get across is to those out there who feel constantly lost, misunderstood, like you don’t fit into this world, you are NEVER alone. I have met a couple others like myself. You will find those people who just click into your puzzle of a life and it’ll all make sense, whether they are introverts or extroverts themselves.

I like being a weirdo and I’ve embraced my weirdness and I feel like I attract those who love me and support me for being a weirdo. So cheers to all my other weirdos out there. Never stop being yourself – this world needs you.

Till next time,

Olive xo


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Me

  1. Casual Chic With Vintage says:

    I don’t think you’re a weirdo. I think you’re abrave girl. It’s not easy afterall get in the web and write these kind of things about yourself. I do feel you though… I’m also an introvert 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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