Me too

The other day a guy told me: "You're intimidating and look like you're only into rich white guys." The other day a man followed me and cat-called me down the street till I yelled at him to stop. The other day a guy felt my leg up multiple times on the subway. I glared at … Continue reading Me too


"The best things happen by chance." I make notes in my phone when certain phrases, experiences or ideas pop into my head throughout the week. I was looking through some of my old notes, and this one popped up and stood out to me. Strangely enough I've had it in my phone for almost a … Continue reading Chance

Three Parts

It's strange how certain memories from our childhood pop up randomly. Why do specific instances stick with us and some fade away only to be remembered at random times throughout our life, and some never remembered at all? Do we black out parts of our life because they're so awful, or is it because we … Continue reading Three Parts