January Quotes2LiveBy

Every once in awhile I'll put together a list of my favorite quotes I've read throughout the month along with a new outfit. Because inspirational quotes = the pumpkin to my spice. "The thoroughly accomplished twenty-first-century woman should spend less time worrying about whether she's competent enough and more time focused on self-belief and action. … Continue reading January Quotes2LiveBy

Grey Dress

Werk Installment No.4 I think everyone is feelin' the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday slump today. The only way I'm getting through it is loads of coffee and reminding myself I can still drink wine tonight, like every other night of my life. This little number is my absolute favorite business dress. It's perfect for interviews, … Continue reading Grey Dress

Simply Rosy

Werk Installment No.3 It's so difficult to find inspiration in every day. Routines = death of creativity for myself. It's been a struggle to find a balance between working, hobbies and a social life. Some days I get so exhausted just thinking about all of it I take a little (5 hour) cat nap and … Continue reading Simply Rosy


Change is a strange thing. I can always feel it in my bones. I can feel it in the air. Whether it's jobs, friends, seasons, moving, break ups, marriage, death- it's all scary yet inevitable. One of the hardest feelings I've dealt with is fear. Fear of every type of possible change. What if I can't … Continue reading Change