Real Talk

I was chatting with one of my good friends today and we were talking about the subject of realness. What does it mean to actually be real? I feel like in this world of influencers that I follow on Instagram, 90% of them are trying to be real but news flash: when you're trying to … Continue reading Real Talk

Holey Hell

Winter is approaching and I am in no way prepared for it. It's been faaa-reezing these past couple days and I have already died a little on the inside...and outside. I don't know about my peeps out there but winter is my least favorite season to express myself. Let me just bundle up with five layers … Continue reading Holey Hell

Grey Dress

Werk Installment No.4 I think everyone is feelin' the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday slump today. The only way I'm getting through it is loads of coffee and reminding myself I can still drink wine tonight, like every other night of my life. This little number is my absolute favorite business dress. It's perfect for interviews, … Continue reading Grey Dress


Time is a very powerful thing. Almost any brokenness can be healed with time. The key is to be patient. It is a process that can't be done with the snap of our fingers. There are many steps to heal, and they all revolve around time. Keep this in mind, especially when you're hurting. It … Continue reading Time

Humans and Onions

In a day and age where social media is the top form of communication, pictures and statuses are now how we judge and categorize others. We take all of the perfect, happy moments and put them out there, almost like branding ourselves. Judgement is bound to happen and we all think everyone lives this perfectly content and … Continue reading Humans and Onions