The hardest concept to understand is loving oneself. What does it even mean to love ourselves? It's not necessarily buying new clothes, having a good time with drinks and friends or getting a nice little massage (I mean these things help..). Loving ourselves is looking in the mirror and thinking "hey I'm a pretty great … Continue reading Layers

Holey Hell

Winter is approaching and I am in no way prepared for it. It's been faaa-reezing these past couple days and I have already died a little on the inside...and outside. I don't know about my peeps out there but winter is my least favorite season to express myself. Let me just bundle up with five layers … Continue reading Holey Hell

Grey Dress

Werk Installment No.4 I think everyone is feelin' the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday slump today. The only way I'm getting through it is loads of coffee and reminding myself I can still drink wine tonight, like every other night of my life. This little number is my absolute favorite business dress. It's perfect for interviews, … Continue reading Grey Dress