Humans and Onions

In a day and age where social media is the top form of communication, pictures and statuses are now how we judge and categorize others. We take all of the perfect, happy moments and put them out there, almost like branding ourselves. Judgement is bound to happen and we all think everyone lives this perfectly content and … Continue reading Humans and Onions


Why is it that some things we have to go through more than once in order to learn a lesson? I had this epiphany the other day on how many patterns I've repeated time and time again until the stupid lesson gets into my head and I can change how I roll. The important thing … Continue reading Patterns

Letting Go

I strongly believe that we attract what energy we emit. The more positive, genuine energy I produce, the more right people have come and stayed in my world. There are so many different people that have walked into my life. Most have just quietly passed by, some left a temporary but deep impression and some came in and attempted … Continue reading Letting Go